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India Update

India Update


What an exciting, productive trip! Thank you so much for your yarps while Mary is in India. She has gotten Emily settled and been quite busy visiting home groups and doing other work. Chuck was able to go to India in February for their anniversary and he participated in a G (men’s group) Book distribution in a large city where over 65,000 Books were distributed. On the day Mary helped 15,000 books were distributed. He also led several people to Dad, as Mary continues to do often also. Mary’s health has been good thus far and for that we are very grateful. And we are so glad Chuck could go over while she is there, thus enabling her to stay longer this trip. She has about another 6 weeks there, returning home in April, so please keep her on your yarp list.
She has asked for yarps for a little baby, Baby K. Baby K’s mom died in childbirth, and Baby K was born early and with heart and respiratory problems. Dad Paul is now caring for baby, and is distraught. Baby K is losing weight and may need heart surgery. The cost for this is prohibitive for the family, so please remember this baby and family in your yarps.
The physical needs are so pressing in India. One of our workers is feeling led to work with an orphanage and we wish him the very best there. I wish I could share a recent video I recd of Mary handing out Books and explaining how to read and what is in the Book. Just the press of people, the crowds everywhere, just remind you of the need there. Over 1 billion people now live in India, many under the age of 25.
Mary and other leaders are training young adults on how to make good decisions and how to lead others. They are also prepping for Easter time.
Thank you for remembering this work in your yarps. Please yarp for open hands, open hearts, open highways, open homes and open heavens.
Again, thank you so much!!!
Suzy Kolk, India coordinator